Thursday, September 23, 2010

If You Give a Mom a Snowball ... It's gonna roll and FAST!

OK so the inspection is set for tomorrow, Friday, September 24.  I will get a call after the inspection that I can come and sign the contract and then be handed the keys.  My insurance lady will also be there to finalize all that.

We have rented a truck to finally get this busting at the seams house unloaded.  We pick the truck up today at 4:30 and will unload it after the keys are in my sweet little hands and then return it at 4:30 tomorrow.  I am not sure how many people read this, but if you are free and want to help us unload ... WE'LL TREAT YOU ... not sure to what, but something GRAND!

So now the snowball is moving and moving fast.  Who knew 3-4 months ago I'd be where I am today.  All I can say is Thank You God ... this is the real thing, not a made up thank you.  Because basically He IS in control of everything that has happened and will continue to happen.  I also have to thank everyone who is supporting me and praying for me.  Mostly my husband, of course and his family as well as my dear, dear friends.  You all know who you are.

So get ready, get set, LET'S THROW A PARTY!

Stop by on 10/10 at 2 to take a look at my oldest's party ... that will be the first official one on the books.

Love to you all,

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  1. So happy that things are going well for you-hurray! I cant wait to see photos. Especially the pinata of Ian's head-too funny! Thinking and praying for much success!