Basic Party Packages $350 include:
  • Party Hostess for 1 1/2 hours
  • 8 children
  • Invitations that are specially designed with postage
  • Thank You notes that are specially designed with postage
  • Disposable paper plates, paper cups and plastic forks/spoons
  • Disposable serving utensil (if applicable)
  • Theme Setters (hand designed foam theme characters or themed objects)
  • Theme Decor (with balloons, streamers, fabric, etc. - as applicable)
  • Table Centerpiece
  • Table Covering (if applicable)
  • Specialty Party Favor
  • 5 Tickets per guest to visit the Party Favor Store
  • Party Games
  • Themed Craft
  • Cake topper (if needed)
  • Cake candles (if needed)
A la carte Items:
For additional fees you can add the following for 8 party guests (if the number of guests is over 8, some fees will increase slightly):

  • Character Actors $150 (this includes costuming and 1/2 performance - if more time is needed then this fee will vary)
  • Costumes and dress up ($50-75)
  • Face Painting ($25-35)
  • Favorite Songs CD (of guest of honor) ($50) - can also be substituted for the specialty party favor at no additional fee
  • Memory Scrapbook "If You Give a Kid a Party" ($50)
  • Guest of Honor Photo/Song DVD ($35) - this would be just for the guest of honor, additional copies can be made for gifts for a charge of $20 each subsequent DVD at the time of the party
  • Photo Packages for the guest of honor (varies)
           2 - 3x5 ($5)      2 - 5x7 ($10)     1 - 8x10 ($10)      
           1 - 4x6 ($5)      1 - Group photo - 5x7 ($5)     
           1 DVD Party Pix Collection ($25)
           Additional Picture combo packages available with a 10% discount.

Check back often to see what is added to this list.  If your child would like something that is not listed, please ask!

Additional note on guest list and pricing:

For a guest list greater than 8 children, a fee of $10 is charge per child.

In addition, it is important to know that IF YOU GIVE A KID A PARTY likes to work with safe ratios (children to adult).  Therefore for ratios greater than the following, an additional hostess ($40 for the 1 1/2 hours) will be required.  

However, if parents or guardians of the guest of honor want to be actively involved at the party they can be used as a substitute (chaperon).  Chaperons must be over the age of 18 and ACTIVELY INVOLVED in the party to be used in place of an additional hostess.
  • Children aged 1 - a parent/guardian is required to be highly involved for guests the same age as the guest of honor.  It is advisable that this age of children be limited to no more than 4-6.  An additional party hostess is recommended so that the guest of honor and parents can enjoy their day.
  • Children ages 2-5 - 1 hostess per 8 children (additional hostess for 9+ children)
  • Children in Grades K-2 - 1 hostess per 10 children (additional hostess for 11+ children)
  • Children in Grades 3-5 - 1 hostess per 12 children (additional hostess for 13+ children)
  • Pre-teens and Teens in Grades 6+ - 1 hostess and 1 chaperon for 14 pre-teens or teens.  As stated above, chaperons must be responsible and over the age of 18 as well as willing to actively participate in helping the hostess for the event.