Frequently Asked Questions

How to do I book a party with If You Give a Kid a Party? Call 636-575-8233 or email or stop by our shop at Crestwood Court ARTSPACE located at 615 Crestwood Plaza, Crestwood, MO 63126. You can email us any questions you have. Parties are booked on a first come first serve basis. Once we receive your deposit and signed contract your party is confirmed.

How many children may attend? Most of our party packages are based on 8 children. An extra charge is applied for additional guests. However, if the guest of honor is under the age of 5 we will consider party packages for 4 children at a special reduced rate.

What about no-shows? The party package cost is based upon your final confirmation count that you give 7 days before the party.

May parents and siblings attend? The birthday child parent or guardian must be in attendance at all times. Siblings may stay with proper parental guidance. The party package/activities cover planned guests only. If a parent of a party guest wishes to leave they need to sign out with a phone number in case they need to be reached.

What ages are appropriate? Starting at 1 year and up. Most of our themes are perfect for ages 3-12. However, some themes are FUN for all!

What party time is best? You decide the time of your party. Party hours are for blocks of 1 ½ hours or 2 hours for older party guests. Suggested times are after 10:00 am on Saturdays and after 1:00 p.m. on Sundays. For Friday or Saturday sleepovers, begin after 6:00 pm. Weekday parties are also available.

What time should guests arrive? Guests should arrive at the time designated on the invitation. If guests should arrive early it should be no more than 10 minutes and must be supervised by their respective parent or guardian. Guests can participate in FREE PLAY until the party is set to begin.

How long do parties last? Parties are usually scheduled for 1½ hours to 2 hours. Everything happens from games to crafts to eating to presents in this amount of time. A party for a guest of honor celebrating their 1st birthday, a 1 hour party can be arranged.

What happens on Party Day? You will arrive at If You Give a Kid a Party’s shop. The shop will already be set up for the party. If guests arrive any time between 10 minutes to the start time of the party, they may interact in the FREE PLAY AREA. Once the clock strikes PARTY TIME, all guests will gather around the party area for the craft station. We proceed to games and then cake time followed by presents. If a piñata is present, the final event of the day will be the piñata as well as exchanging tickets for their party favors at the Party Favor Store. Story Time can complete the event if time allows. Activities are subject to change based on timing and number of guests.

What about late guests? Our events are based on a schedule of activities, guests arriving late may join the party activity that is taking place.

What do I need to provide? At If You Give a Kid a Party, we are fortunate enough to already have a location. However, at this location we are not prepared to fix foods, so food in disposable containers as well as cake and ice cream can be brought into the location. All foods need to be discussed before the day of the party so they can be fit into the schedule. At the present time, the party hostess is not permitted to handle any of the guests foods. This includes the cake cutting. Disposable utensils are provided.

Can I have the party outside? The location of If You Give a Kid a Party is not set up to afford outside parties at this time.

What should the children wear? The guest of honor will decide if they would like party guests to dress in a certain costume. This will be mentioned on the invitation guests receive. However, for an a la carte price, costumes/dress ups can be provided. Please note we do not provide shoes as part of our costumes.

Do you have other themes? We have 7 basic categories. Therefore, within those categories you are free to suggest the theme the guest of honor would like to use. Because no 2 children area like, we want to pride ourselves that no 2 parties are alike. This is why we do not offer specific themes, we customize the theme specifically for the guest of honor.

Do you apply make-up? The only make up we provide will be for face-painting. The makeup used for this activity is non-toxic and FDA approved specifically for face-painting.

Can I serve the food to the children? Per the schedule of the day, food can be used. Again, please note that at this time, If You Give a Kid a Party employees or hostesses are not allowed to interact with the food. All food service must be done by the guest of honor’s guardian or adult guests.

What form of payment is accepted? We accept cash, money order and credit/debit card payments. There is a $25 fee on returned checks. A 50% deposit is required to hold your party date, deposits are non-refundable. The remaining party balance can be paid with accepted methods in 2 equal installments at least 7 days before the party. No funds will be exchanged the day of the party.

Is tipping appropriate? A gratuity is not included, however very much appreciated.

What if I need to cancel? There are no refunds for cancellations, however, we will gladly choose an alternate date for your party.

I live out of state and need help with my party! St. Louis is too far to travel in one day for me, do you help plan parties for out of town inquiries? The main reason for starting If You Give a Kid a Party is the fun in planning the parties. Therefore, helping you plan an out of state party is also part of this fun. We are more than happy to give you a quote for helping plan your out of state party.  If You Give a Kid a Party reserves the right not to help.  However, we do expect honesty and would like to think if you are close to If You Give a Kid a Party, you would allow us to plan the party for you in our shop. At this time we do not travel to homes to plan parties.  Although, special cases will be considered.

Can we book a party date on a major holiday? Party dates are booked based upon availability. There is an additional Holiday fee to book on those dates. That fee is an additional $200.

Liability for damages? If You Give a Kid a Party assumes no responsibility or liability for accidents or damages caused during your party for unruly behavior or accidental happenings. If You Give a Kid a Party also assumes no responsibility in foods served at our location or allergic reactions.  It is up to the parent/guardian of the guest of honor to make sure they are serving foods that are safe for all guests.  Our hostesses will treat your guests and party time with the utmost in professional services. Party Guests can be asked to leave if they are not cooperative to the party schedule.