If You Give a Kid a Party is not set up at this time to prepare food for your special event.  BUT, we want to extend the invitation for you to bring in your own food!  If You Give a Kid a Party has 2 rules that need to be followed so that we can continue to allow parties to operate this way.

  1. All items need to be brought in a disposable container.  If You Give a Kid a Party is not set up to dispose and wash containers other wise.  However, we can supply you with disposable utensils for serving if you need them.
  2. There is no alcoholic beverages allowed in If You Give a Kid a Party.
While If You Give a Kid a Party needs to limit food preparation, we are fully prepared to help you pick out the foods that will fit your child's theme.  We are also prepared to help you cleverly name those foods to help promote the theme in a more expanded way.

Crestwood Court ARTSPACE is very fortunate to have a bakery (BREAD & HONEY) just around the corner from If You Give a Kid a Party.  Janet has spoken to the owners and they are very willing to help accomodate your needs for a cake, cupcake or cookies.  So if you need a referral, please do not be shy about asking.