Friday, September 17, 2010

If You Give a Mom a Party to Plan

I think anyone who reads this knows that I am starting my own business.  They also might know about my family and that the first party in my new business shop will be my oldest daughter's.  So I won't go back and detail all this info.  If you are new to this blog, then just refer back to various parts of the site like "About Me" or previous blog posts.

I have been steadly working on various parts of the business while waiting on the OK for my inspection.  Seems there is only one company that can fix the gate to the shop, so we are waiting on them.  We still feel like our move in date will be next week (week of Sept 19th).  But the party that cometh on 10/10/10 at 2 does not stop.  So I have been busy keeping up with what needs done for that also.

We are having an Alvin and the Chipmunks (Chipettes, too) party for my oldest who is turning 10.  So from the party invites to the decor ... all things Chipmunks and Rock & Roll.  

My girls both LOVE pinatas and I as a mom like to rig it so that everyone gets the same amount of candy.  Now don't start with me about how life's not fair so kids need to deal with it.  You try being the kid who only gets 1-3 pieces while some other kid HOGS it all.  NOT at my party - I MAKE THE RULES!  Everyone gets about 10 pieces and if they get more they are to share with everyone else ... if there is more, then everyone gets more.  Nothing like a candy hog at a chipmunks party!

So as we are out scouting for the decor to change the spiderman head into an IAN head (he is the talent scout/scoundrel from the movie my kids want to beat to a pulp ... guess Daddy isn't up for the job again in the same year - he was Speckles from G-Force and the kids beat him up with swim noodles ... fun but I think he's had enough), my hubby and I go into the Party supply store in our area and as we are looking for glasses for my oldest to go as Jeannette, we stumble on the CLEARANCE RACK (dun-dun-ta-da).  As Allan is retrieving the cart, I ask him to find out if this rack is 75% off the orange tag or is it already marked down.  Hold on to your seats folks, it is off the orange tag which is already priced LOW, LOW, LOW ... so I walk out of this said Party supply store with not all, but most of the clearance rack.  (Hump and the glasses my oldest needs and I ALMOST SPENT $6 on ... got for 25 cents ... )

Remember a few weeks back when I got that great deal at the craft store ... this one rocks even more because we are talking themed cups, napkins, favors, etc.  I am so jazzed it made up for my CT scan and dye injected in my head as well as the headache that had not succumbed to the meds I had taken.  I said to my husband if God is not on this same boat, then we are rocking the sales for some reason ...

The girls said, I want to remind you that clearance items are non-refundable.  I said, Honey where these little babies are going ... they won't need refunded.  To which she asked me where they were going and I replied, My new KIDS party planning location.  Both her and the other girls were impressed and said "You done good!"  I said,'You are darn tootin'."  (Well maybe not those exact words from me, but I was jazzed.)

So for going in and trying to find peach streamers to paper mache IAN's bald head ... I came out a winner ... I might even take a few pieces of candy for myself when they knock that pinata to smithereens!

It's all for the kiddies,

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