Friday, September 10, 2010

If You Give a Mom a Decision

Well, it all worked out ... we changed our business space to right across from the other spot.  We are now 615 which is not that big a difference and it will be easier to spot.  Worked out a great deal on the rent ... so this is great.

Funny thought, got all my advertising stuff (except brochures) done yesterday, so I guess I will be whiting out the 4 and replacing it with a 5 ;-)

Due to the switch-o-roo, all the fees and permits have to be done on Monday since I ran out of time today before the girls came home from school.  But that is fine.  Gives the mall a chance to get the space in order for the inspection.  Things are moving nicely.

With this new space we will have to do little to no renovation ... take down some fixtures as well as paint and set up a few things ... then the big move in.  Storeage for supplies and product will be nice sized for what we need.  The other location it would have gotten too crowded for all the stuff we need to store.

So stay posted for before and after pictures as well as for a move in date.

Love this idea and can't wait to start,

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