Thursday, September 9, 2010

If You Give a Mom some Advertising

This little ol' business is slowly becoming a reality for me.  We got our loan money and are close to getting our permits.  I also ordered a few advertising mediums today via VistaPrint ... business cards, magnets, large banner for signage, and a few other incidentials.  So we are on our way.

Then we go to re-visit the shop site after the girls get off of school and are now re-thinking it.  Not sure if what has been proposed to us will work out.  2 other sites across from the current site with one just being a small distance from the other two.  But both new locations have MUCH LARGER storage areas and one has shelving already in place.  The 2nd thing we need to consider is how much renovation needs to happen to place number 1 that getting a space that needs less will afford us.  So I have word into the Leasing Agent to find out what she thinks.  If we can move to spot #2 the advertising I got will be just a tad off ... but fixable.  The rest of the stuff will be fine as will the load we have in getting ready for my oldest's 10th.

So if you happen to read this and can offer up a prayer or two ... much appreciation.

Much Love to everyone supporting me!

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