Wednesday, October 20, 2010

If You Give a Mom a Plan ... She'll Plan a Party

OK, so it has been way too long since I posted to this site and I apologize.  For all my fans who read this (yoo-hoo ... are you out there ;-) ) ...  I have been under the weather, over the top working on the shop and well just busy.  I hate going on people's blogs and they haven't updated in ... years ... I swore I would not be like that.  So there I confessed and now I am rectifying it.

So we busted our boots (bootie) to get the shop ready for my oldest's 10th on 10/10/10 at 2:00 p.m.  My husband even sacrificed sleep and stayed up all Saturday night until after the party on Sunday to finish the floor.  You see we have slide by with so many blessings, and then we hit a brick wall ... then it takes us a bit of time to re-coup.  1st it was the walls.  It's not partical board but something that is odd enough that they stained in the previous store so we had to prime with 2 coats and then almost 2 coats of the paint.  My husband likes the stripes on the wallpaper of this blog, so we chose colors very similar.  Some Enchanted Evening (by Disney, of course, in Behr paints) is the light purple and the base of most everything in the shop.  Then to spice it up we added stripes of Majestic Violet (love that since my youngest is named Violet), which is a slight darker.  The base is down for the 10/10 party but the stripes were added this past weekend.  Then to top the stripes we added chair rail ... of course over that "stupid" wood wall that are "not even" but we made the best of it.  We've got TONS of compliments and it has really lightened the room.

Now on to the most stubborn floor removal of a lifetime and brick wall #2.  So as the time is ticking away from us on that Thursday before the party, we decide to just forget pulling up the stupid stuff and just get flooring we have to GLUE DOWN.  This job is not for the faint of heart ... I know because I laid a lot of it.  Then to make matters more interesting, I get sick ... thinking at first it is just a cold, my chest is burning when I walk any distance from breathing in and out ... I wait until after the party ... but it is a sinus infection with bronchitis.  Lovely!  Oh and I have laryngitis.  Nice, huh?  You are right!  Anyway, we push forward, most of the flooring (except around the walls) goes down for the party and we are seeing a finish line.

So through it all, we had my daughter's 10th and even with some people not coming she had a blast.  Said it was the best party she has ever had.  I am going to start a Portfolio Part of the blog, so check there for pix (or FB).  I will warn you the walls are a bit bare, but very soon (like in the next 2 days) the retro toys and wall fixtures will go up and we will be looking more and more like a real party store.

Also, made friends with some neighboring shops and even in talks with partnering with them for parties.  Anything to generate revenue.  One bright spot is I made 50 brochures and they are all gone, so here is to praying I get business very, very soon.

I am also considering some retro party fare to resell.  I saw a site that offers this.  It is so cool I am considering offering that.  I seem to love all things retro now!

So that is where we stand.  Lots of brochures gone and the place is just about done.  So please continue to keep us in your prayers.  If you know me, you know how I depend on prayer!

Keeping the Kid Alive,

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