Wednesday, September 1, 2010

If you Give a Mom an Exciting Day

WOW!  Lots have happened since yesterday!  Very exciting things.  Let's hope tomorrow lends more excitement.

First off, I got my new phone for the business today ... so the number is now posted to your left there ... I charged it before going to do my volunteer work at church and when I came home ... played with it.  LOVE IT!  (and it's PINK)

Secondly, I got a call from a potential insurance agent on the business to get more info to give me a quote (first quote seemed too high to my jewelry friend) ... and in talking to her she said "Your business sounds so interesting, please tell me more about it."  I complied and then she said, "You will have to send me some stuff, because I have a little girl AND have lots of friends also looking for something like this."  WOW!  I was so jazzed.

Thirdly, I got an e-mail from my sweetie while he was at work commenting that a work friend has some left over stuff from her crafting days and might I want it if she moves.  (OH YEA!)  I think from what I could decode from his message to me is he told her YES!

So as if I was not working in warped speed as it is ... now I have to kick it up a couple more notches.  So, here's to October 9th in hopes that will be our first day open for my daughter's 10th.

Will Keep you Posted
The Kid at Heart,

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