If You Give a Kid a Party is excited about the retail portion of our shop.  We have recently added new items and designs, so make sure you check back often for what we are offering to date.

FANCY THAT headbands have been added and run from $5 for a headband and $3 for a ponytail holder.  Fancy That Headbands are personally designed for young girls and teens.  Holiday ribbons are also featured for that special dress or outfit ... even pictures!

CANDY CONES are also a holiday favorite.  We have Turkey Toes, Autumn Harvest Kisses, Pilgrim Blessing Grains and Confetti Fun Cones as well as new cones for the Christmas season arriving very soon.  The price of a small cone is $1 and the price of a large cone is $2.  Prices may vary depending on the candy offered.

CANDY BOUQUETS are a good way to show someone that you care with a different creative idea.  Bouquets offering 15 pieces of candy are $5 and larger Bouquets of 25 pieces of candy are $10.  Candy Bouquets are designed especially for the recipient.  So we need 1-2 days to complete a gift.

SMENCILS can be bought on a walk in basis and run $1 per pencil.

At this point we are waiting on PAKNAKS AND ZIPPIES.  Check back soon to see if we are carrying them.

You do not need to have a party at If You Give a Kid a Party to buy from the retail section of the shop.  Stop by today and check out what we are offering that is new at IF YOU GIVE A KID A PARTY.

More merchandise added soon.