Tuesday, August 31, 2010

When you Give a Mom a new Business Phone

Well, I finally stepped out and got myself a phone for the business.  I don't have it yet, nor do I have a number ... but it should come in the next few days.  I went against a few people's advise to keep my own number as the business number.  I decided it is too close to the number Allan has, so it is best to leave well enough alone.  Plus, that phone is on it's last leg ... it is going on 3 years this November.  Long time to keep a phone I am told.  Most people upgrade as soon as they can.  I haven't seen the need although the want is there with all the new gadgets that are coming out.  

My only complaint with my old phone is not having a qwerty board for texting.  Between Allan and I we text A LOT!  But this new phone has a qwerty.  But if all else fails we can always upgrade later if we feel like it is needed AND I can always get rid of the old phone and number if I have to.

I comparison shopped and adding a line to our family phones was WAY cheaper than going the business route for a phone.  So I am going to just take the $40 out each month to pay my home phone for the business phone.

As time passes and business increases I will see if a phone for the business is needed.  I am not sure what everyone else does, but we have found it way cheaper to just have a cell phone vs. a home phone anyway.  Plus, I got a free phone tossed in and no activation fee ... what better reason than that.

Also, my husband called me today to send him this web page address.  Seems the sweetie is talking me up at work ... cool!  So if you are reading this and work with Allan ... kudos to you for checking me out!

So one last item of business before signing off ... seems we might be close to getting some funds for the cash we need to finally get into the shop.  Please keep praying.  The specifics would be that we get just the amount we need and at a good rate.  We have talked to a few places and either they do not do what we need or we have been rejected.  But we have not given up ... we are talking to an old CU we used to belong to and they are getting back with us.  WE also have a place down the road from us that "LOVES SAYING YES" or so their sign says ... we will see.  So keep that amongst your prayer requests for us.

Final note, another friend had a sudden and tragic accident happen in her family.  Seems her son, 20 yo in college in Texas - she is living in IND now, was killed.  I do not know the facts at this point, but I am sure when she is ready she will tell us all on her list.  Please pray for this family.  I am not sure where they stand with the Lord.  It would be nice to think all our friends will be seen once again on the silvery shores, but I don't believe they will.  But as many tell me ... only God knows their heart.  Just pray this tragedy will bring something of substance for her.

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