Friday, November 26, 2010

If You Give a Mom a Holiday ... She will Host SANTA'S WORKSHOP

Well on our first day of Santa's Workshop we had 2 families.  One family are friends of mine, but I love having people I know in the shop ... they know me and know what I do so well, it is great for the support!

Little down again today, I know it is the holidays, but while another local birthday planning spot closed it's doors only having been open just a bit longer than us ... another one is expanding to a 2nd location.  OK, so where are all the people that need parties?  I'm telling you I feel for kids whose birthdays are in December ... what a rip off for them!  Got news that the package we offered at a local Trivia night didn't even raise $1.  But a couple other area business didn't either.  It seemed if we didn't offer some hard and fast retail (or liquor) no one considered us.  I learned a lesson for this, next time I will take more than 1/2 off and make the certificate plain and simple.  I do need some kind of set up to draw people though.  Maybe I need a miniature depicting a kid's party setting.  I know where I can get the miniatures, but then will I be sent business?  Just joking I will use her.  I think I will walk down there now to check her out!

It also seems people really like the idea but again, no bookings.  I just wonder if I am exerting my efforts in this wisely OR should I focus more on my PT job.  A wise friend, who also has a business here said that maybe I have this part time job (as well as Allan's short term temp job) to tide us over until we get business up and running.  So I am not giving up yet.  But I had hoped for at least 1 party ... 

Anybody want a 1 time discounted party ... to help out.  This does not have to be a birthday, but could also be a Christmas party for your child.

We are also going to bump up the advertising.  Our store sign is too small and we need a bigger banner for outside as well as the other window we are using to advertise in the mall.  More money invested in hopes it pays off.

So that is where we stand now.  I am sorry I have nothing new to report and that I am a bit down about it.  But maybe I will look back on this when business is soaring and remember how it used to be.  If I could only bake in this place, I'd be making some dough (literally and figuratively).

The Jolly Man's Helper,

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