Tuesday, November 2, 2010

If You Give a Mom some Ribbon ... She'll Make FANCY THAT Headbands

I saw an idea on a website and thought ... I can do that ... even personalize them for the little girl that wants it.  So I went to Michaels and bought a whole lot of ribbon and then stopped off at Walgreens for the headbands.  Then proceeded to come home and make about 7 headbands and 3 ponytail holders that are seasonal in design.  I have posted pictures here on the home page, but if you are interested in seeing more of them, check out my FB page under the FANCY THAT Headbands Album (http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2063128&id=1123486099&saved).  I even got my youngest to model for me ... they really are cuter in person, but V did an excellent job showing how some of them look in a little girl's hair.
I you like what you see and are interested in any I have made, let me know.  If you want different ones made or even sets of them, I can do that also.

Right now the headbands are $5 and the ponytail holders are $3.  They make great gifts or even just a little extra to dress up that little outfit for the holiday.

Having Fun and Making Memories,

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